• Projekti / Stambeni

    WG na Kurfürstendammu

    The aim of the project was to fabricate the feel of an exotic garden, a balcony or a terrace- al fresco areas- inside. Besides their prime function being aesthetical, there is a symbolic element to it all- the carefully chosen plants represent the ingredients found on the menu.

    By entering the art deco-ish lobby, you enter an enterprise jungle. Tailor made suits meet young modern hip metropolitans. We wanted to reflect on that kind of community exactly! The goal was to make it a place for everyone to interact and connect- clipboards are seen throughout the whole space, and work as a communication tool between the users: by sharing ideas, inspirational quotes and personal notes, they become the creators of their own motivational environment. We wanted to create a community feel, to evoke a sense of belonging by creating the perfect setting. It is imagined to be a space where both small businesses and large companies feel proud to inhabit.

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