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    Colors in Spaceship

    To skip all the usuals and unusuals, and not to be repetitive on the rent24 interior design concept and basics that are valid for all- and have been described in detail in previous descriptions of the co-working spaces- let us just shortly focus on the specifics of this one located in Dortmund, Germany.

    The building resembles a giant spaceship, with its dark and futuristic architecture. The first association to the same are of course the iconic Star Wars films. The windows won´t open, and could thus provide a bit of a claustrophobic feel in the workspace. We, naturally, wanted to prevent the same. Not only the windows, but the numerous hallways that could induce the feeling of being trapped, our aim here was to make it as lighthearted and colorful as possible. The bright red, green, blue and especially- yellow colors were used here more than in any other co-working space. The result is much brighter and more playful than any other space associated. Even the bright yellow desk lamps provide for a fresh touch.

    Plants are found all along the premises, to bring the feeling of fresh air into the closed up space. Outside in. To be close to nature, to unwind. Not to think of Death Star. There are plants placed on each and every working table- an individual natural oasis. Aloe vera and herbs were the one predominant.







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