Ivana’s Story

    Ivana Bukvic is a foxy creative, a savvy entrepreneur, an interior designer. Besides the talent and excellent work etiquette- both key factors to her success story- there was also a lucky opportunity element to it all! No doubt. Ivana gained popularity with the transformation of the historic building in Berlin´s upscale quartier Mitte into a sort of urban playground for business, simultaneously establishing the recognizable CI of the rent24 co-working spaces that would later become a brand on its own.

    In 2017, Ivy´s story officially begins: Ivana conspires with Ilona Pintar and a new chapter begins. The Berlin-based interior design studio is a predominantly female & Croatian ensemble- with the two being the core- which ensures an up-close and personal dedication to every singular project and endeavor undertaken. In the shortest period of time, Ivy´s Design has left its mark with multiple offbeat design solutions. Knowing the client is key, interpreting their wishes & wants, incorporating those into own style forms of expression is essential. Selling the inventive, with the lift of a champion collective of builders, architects, craftsman, and suppliers- is what we do. No flashy titles, just a know-how attitude.

    She finished the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, whilst studying at the private University of VERN, where she graduated in Accounting and Finances. The lack of formal education in her chosen profession (aka passion) was cleverly turned into an advantage: she takes her work personally and is not afraid to do things unconventionally. Modern, warm, inviting and fresh- accessible to all. The energy of the spaces she decorates is palpable and cannot be duplicated.

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