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    Cycling Monkeys

    Following on the rent24 co-working´s design concept, and one that is based on communication, interaction and community- the spaces in Amsterdam are intended to accommodate people of all profiles- young and independent, mature and corporate. Besides the now common corporate identity interior & style elements- black/ anthrazid, concrete/industrial style walls, 2 & 3D triangle floors; the jeep reception desk serves, once more, as an instant indicator of the eclectic aesthetics that can be found inside. It is all about the community. The space is all in favor of inducing feelings of coziness and comfort. To feel at home at work is the aim. Activity areas and popcorn machines provide for some necessary childlike silliness to the working environment.

    The leitmotif was the city of Amsterdam itself, as was Berlin to the original. Upon arriving to the city on the water, the designer was amusingly shocked with all the cyclists- how crazy! Not intended as an insult but to be cute, the image of monkeys on bicycles can be found all around the building. The monkey motif expands even further- there are monkey shaped lamps hanging from the ceilings.

    Although, the curtains are an integral part of all rent24 co-working spaces- here, they were intentionally left out, because the spaces are in the penthouse building area and thus offer a magnificent view of the city skyline. Because of the same view, all the working desks were placed facing the windows, and there were even stand like open working areas placed upon the wall directly against the glass wall- like windows.

    Just like the green wall in Oberwallstr., we can find a similar live green wall installation here too- a green moss wall. The moss was drained, but the color and the fresh natural smell remained preserved. As always, the greens and the nature are key components of the wholesome design concept Ivy´s tries to implement upon every project, no matter how differential it may be. In this case, as the color of the rent24 is black, we wanted to bring the place alive, combining it with furniture pieces of bright colors.

    The project was finished in June 2017.

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