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    The Anna Wintour of the patisserie craft- a perfectionist, a woman of refined taste- Sabina Tepman called in Ivy´s design to turn her passion into a profession and help craft a place of her desires: a cupcake store, and one that keeps up with the grandiose and high standards of the places alike straight from the London and New York City streets.

    Chic & classy, white & rose. The two colors are prevalent in the space. White walls with stucco decorations provide for a polished and elegant background, while blush pink and rose gold serve as the finishing touch, and all rounded with the emerald velvet chairs that bring a dash of elegance to the whole ambience. 

    It was not always so. The space was anything but sophisticated prior to Ivy´s getting its hands on it. In fact, the place was a neglected and dusty- non- useable- storage room for the BVG. It was also where the elevator shaft was located. The majority of the area where the kitchen is now days, was actually an invalid toilet. Although our client had an eye on another location, we saw the hidden potential of this neglected space and managed to persuade our lady client of the transformative possibilities of the same. We would like to say the possibilities were endless, but in reality- they were not. We had to work around the clock and be responsible for the construction work needed here.

    As soon as we laid our eyes on Sabina, I envisioned her, in her stylish dresses, with her gracious appearance, on a high latter, reaching for a crystal cup-cake plate out of the seemingly- and finally- endless white shelves, and ones that reached the height of the ceiling and went all across the whole length of a wall. Unfortunately, this wasn´t entirely possible to execute, due to constructional restrictions. But the white shelves are there. They cover the wall behind the glass counter, providing for an imposing background.

    One of the girls in our team just happened to be a floral designer, so it was decided to make a floral wall next to the aforementioned counter. The result is a delicate, and yet pompous floral arrangement that does not pass unnoticed. Blush pink floral trees were ordered and placed in front of the store, on the terrace, and providing for a winter wonderland feel in the colder months.

    And still, the focal point of it all is the custom made glass wall that divides the kitchen from the common, customer area! Not only because the space is quite petit, but in fact to showcase the impeccable art and craft of the patisserie professionals happening in the kitchen, we came up with the design solution that elevated it all. Not only is the kitch visible from the inside, it is- in fact- visible from the outside! A big glass shop-window provides for an exquisite view to a random passer-by. To continue on the airy and delicate feel, long & round glass chandeliers are added, and all with brass details. The cup-cakes are equally as impressive and delicate as the space.

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