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    • Edita's Apartment

    Edita Šimić- the creator and editor of the famous food blog Kuživancija from Croatia- needed a new kitchen for her Berlin apartment. Exactly because of her chosen profession, it is not a surprise that she took this undertaking extremely serious: it is not only the most important, but the focal point of her gorgeous apartment. 

    In this particular case, the client- and a dear friend- knew what she wanted, but had no clue of how to execute the ideas. So, she called in Ivy´s for help. The call resulted in one of our dearest collaborations to date, and made for our first interior design project.

    As mentioned previously, Edita already had a very refined and defined visual aesthetics of her own and wanted the place to mirror the same. she had an overload of mood board inspirational material, but the only thing she was 100% certain about was the fact she wanted to center the design of the whole kitchen around kitchen cabinets made out of wrought iron! The design for the whole apartment was inspired by the same too. Although, the carpenter backed out of making the same because of technical issues- and the fear of them turning out as prison cell doors was very present- we have managed to find a person in Berlin who did them last minute and exceeded our expectations.

    The place holds a very attractive location in the fancy Mitte neighbourhood, It has an even better view, since a glass wall goes all along the whole length of the apartment. The idea was to make the whole apartment resemble one big closed terrace, filed with natural and organic materials, earthy tones, and completed with loads of plants & greens.

    The main attribute of the kitchen is- quite unconventionally- the height! Instead opting for the obvious and expanding the kitchen length-wise, we have decided to make it a giant in terms of having it all the way up to the ceiling. Which seemed only fitting- for the lavender kitchen and the steel cabinets to be the most imposing attraction of a food blogger`s apartment.

    Another curiosity of the apartment is definitely the wall. It is more than a wall- it is a piece of art. Custom made and hand painted by an Croatian Academic painter- Damir Mumbasic, it provides for the perfect canvas behind the custom made wooden dining table, for all the divine food photography.


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